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New patent improves the performance of an electric motor

Dopti research has filed an extensive patent based on an innovative new principle for the creation of a more efficient electric motor.
The core principle behind the electric motors in use today dates back approximately 130 years. The use of three phases in an electric motor was first patented by Nikola Tesla, but it was Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrovolsky who developed the three-phase and three-wire system that is used worldwide today.
Although the efficiency of electric motors has improved significantly over the years, this has mainly been due to better manufacturing tolerances, stronger magnets and more efficient electronics. Today, the efficiency of electrical motors is so high that our research shows that the three-phase system itself is the main obstacle to the ongoing quest for further improvements in overall efficiency.

All choices have limitations

As engineers and professionals, we know that all our choices also have limitations. On materials, the limitations are typically strength, weight, manufacturing and price. On electronic circuits, the limitations we choose to live with, are typically size, weight, cost, and thermal efficiency.

But have you ever wondered

But have you ever wondered what limitations come with choosing to use 3 phase-shifted sine signals, to drive a rotating magnetic field (RMF) in an electric motor?

Limitations of the three-phase system

The status of the three-phase approach as the most efficient way to run an electric motor has led many to believe that no limitations apply to it. However, the system is 130 years old, and the drawbacks from which it suffers can now be overcome. The most important limitations are as follows:

  1. Only 63% of the motor’s maximum current capacity can be used;
  2. There is an additional heat loss of more than 20%, which arises from
    the value of 1.11 for the form factor of the sine wave used;
  3. The core of the system is analog because it requires an analog sine wave to operate.

Mathematical and technical descriptions of these three limitations can be
downloaded by clicking on this link: (PDF).

The new principle

All three limitations of the three-phase system can be solved by applying the
proposed principle. The principle and patent developed by Dopti Research, based in Denmark, can offer the following:

  1. Almost 100% efficiency in the use of current capacity, resulting in
    significantly more torque and power output from the same motor;
  2. Lower heat loss, which means less need for cooling;
  3. Equal or lower torque ripple, which can reduce the noise and improve comfort;
  4. A purely digital system, which allows for more integrated, cheaper and
    smaller electronics.

This new patent could accelerate the transition to a more energy-efficient future

Electric motors are the single largest consumer of electricity, and account for around 40% of global electricity consumption, according to an analysis by the International Energy Agency.

Learn about the new principle

Even if you work in the industry, you may not see how it is possible to reduce the heat loss in an electric motor and at the same time increase the output power. You now can participate in a small free seminar on this topic, in which:
The inventor himself will explain the physics behind the principle, prove it
mathematically and present a prototype/proof of concept model;
Examples of how this can be realised in practice will be presented;
You can do the calculations yourself, and can model the results with your own
software models after the seminar.

Register for the free seminar

Get a sneak peek at the new principle. The seminar can also be held online,
although this will not enable you to test the model.

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