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About Per kristian Olsen;

I am an independent inventor with a philosophical approach to research.
I have been inventing since I was a child, most people stop at some point, I have continued all my life. For me, Invention is not a job, it’s a way of life.
Most ideas are researched and put away again, not necessarily because they are not good, but because they are too complicated to realize or the timing is wrong.

Independence. I am independent of company budgets and time frames, when I get an idea I work on it day and night until it has shown its full potential.

To think outside the box. In my experience, the most important limitation is the limitations of one’s own thoughts and ideas. You can’t magically suddenly think outside of “your own box”, you have to constantly work in the outer limits of your experience, to expand your box.

Wu wei; I am inspired by Zen Buddhism and Taoism, and it is my experience that you cannot force brilliant ideas within a limited budget or time frame, the ideas come after you have patiently turned every stone and tested hundreds of ideas.

Open innovation; I think there is a reason that many of the greatest ideas of the century were conceived by individual inventors, and that independent inventors will continue to be important supplements to the research of the big companies.

My greatest strength; is that I can follow an idea, no matter where it takes me, and no matter how long it takes. I don’t have a boss who comes up with a new project before I’m ready.