New patent improves electric motor performance.

The patent and the method behind it, can be used to develop more torque from the same size electric motor, and less heat for the same output power.

Update January 2023; a prototype and proof of concept model has been developed, showing that the principle works as intended.

Dopti research has completed an extensive patent on an innovative method of creating a rotating magnetic field, which results in a more energy efficient electric motor.
The higher efficiency is realized by a better utilization of the electric current to create the necessary magnetic field.
The method is also significantly more flexible than corresponding existing methods, and can be optimized for higher efficiency in a wider range of scenarios.

The idea for the patent arose in connection with research into high-speed control of magnetic fields, and the inventor (P.K Olsen, Denmark) realized that it could be used to control a rotating magnetic field with high efficiency and flexibility.

In addition, the method opens up a completely new possibility; namely, changing most aspects of the magnetic field, including the shape and number and location of the magnetic poles, while simultaneously rotating the magnetic field. This makes it possible to optimize the magnetic field for several different operating situations and potentially make an electric motor highly efficient in a wider range of operating situations.

Overcoming the limitations of the 3-phase system (invented by Ferraris and Tesla in the early 1880s)

The new patent overcomes 2 important limitations of the nearly 140-year-old invention of the rotating magnetic field by phase rotation.

– Power limitations; the new technology can produce more torque from the same size electric motor or produce less waste heat at the same torque level.

– Magnetic field limitations; the new technology can optimize the magnetic field in a number of ways, at the same time as the field rotates, thus expanding the area of ​​highly efficient operation.

Efficiency is in the details.

The new patent opens up a multitude of new ways to optimize the magnetic field and rotation down to microscopic parameters for higher efficiency in any load situation.

The new patent could accelerate the transition to a more energy-efficient future.

Electric motors are the single largest consumer of electricity. They account for around 45% of global electricity consumption, according to an analysis by the International Energy Agency.

Get the proof yourself.

You probably doubt that it is possible to reduce the heat loss in an electric motor (up to 15-20 %), and increase torque output ( 25-30 %). So get the proof.
-The inventor himself can in 5-10 minutes; explain the physics behind it, and prove it mathematically.
-In another 10 minutes you can understand how it can be realized in practice. After the introductory seminar, you can do the calculations yourself, and model the results.

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The introductory seminar is held as a zoom meeting.
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The purpose of the introductory seminar is that you are subsequently able to assess the potential of the invention.