Comming; The intelligent adaptive vehicle platform

The new vehicle platform from Dopti Research promises higher comfort, better handling and less noise.

The platform currently exists. of 3 patents, common to them is that they are based on principles that are fundamentally different from the prior art.
The inventor says; ”What I discovered in the process was that the prior art was so developed that you could not significantly improve it without the result becoming too complicated, too expensive and heavy. Instead, I looked for principles that are more effective but were previously overlooked because they could not be realized with the technology of the past. The result is an intelligent platform/suspension that will set the stage for what is possible in terms of comfort, noise, and handling of a vehicle. Its combining fundamental principles with new technology.”

Gpss; Suspension taken to a new level.

Dopti research has developed a new principle for use in vehicle suspension. The principle involves advanced technology, so it will initially be used for racing and luxury cars,

The inventor believes it will find its way to the wider market within 10 years.

The new principle allows extremely precise control of the suspension’s dynamic geometry.

The new principle can control the vehicle’s characteristics during cornering, braking, acceleration and bumps, in ways never seen before. The principle has been nicknamed “Gpss” Geometrically programmable suspension system.

The Gpss principle is one of 3 patents in the intelligent adaptive platform.